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“Steinbach is fueled by a community whose dedication and passion embody the spirit of The Prairies. We’re Manitoba’s fastest growing city, and with our affordable housing and low tax rates, we’re the perfect place for your family or business to call home. We welcome you to come and see for yourself why Steinbach is the ideal place to make your personal and business dreams a reality.”

Earl Funk, Mayor of Steinbach

Steinbach Construction Permit Value

Open for Business

From 2008 to 2018, $640 million worth of building permits were taken out, 54% commercial and 46% residential. In that same time, 1,645 dwelling units were added. Steinbach is certainly open for business.

Capital Investment in Infrastructure

From 2009 to 2019, Steinbach has invested $44.8 million dollars into improving its infrastructure, with 51% of this investment going towards improving Steinbach's roads.

Capital Investment

Manitoba’s 3rd Largest City!

  • Manitoba’s fastest growing city with consistent economic development
  • Centrally located in Canada and near the US border
  • At the intersection of two provincial trunk highways
  • Gateway to the heart of Manitoba
  • Frequent stopping place for travelers and business people
  • Many international connected companies – provide great opportunity for local businesses and industries
  • Regional centre supporting more than 60,000 people
  • Strong agricultural & agro-industry community
  • Strong consumer base & local economy
  • Large local workforce with a strong work ethic
  • Favourable tax rates – second lowest in Manitoba
  • Average household income is higher than provincial average
  • Median age: 35 years old
Steinbach's economic development is fueled by it's consistent population growth

A Bright Future

One of the keys to Steinbach’s growth and development has been our well-planned, well-built, and well-run city that fosters growth and prosperity in the community. This has allowed us to consistently exceed provincial growth averages.

Population growth in Steinbach is the highest in Manitoba at 87%, nearly doubling in population from 1996 to 2016.

From 1996 to 2016, the population of Steinbach grew from 8,478 to 15,829, an 87% increase

Invest Here

Our business sector enjoys the benefits of both a large workforce and a strong local economy. Favorable tax rates, close proximity to several markets, and access to reliable shipping and transportation give organizations the right foundation to begin or expand their success in local, national, and international markets.

Steinbach Trading Area Population = 60,000+


Our zoning boundaries are carefully determined to regulate where commercial, industrial and residential activities can occur. Our goal is to ensure compatible land and the long-term needs and interests of the larger community are balanced.

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Looking to set up a business location in Steinbach? Visit Realtor.ca to view current available commercial property.

To view current City commercial land holdings for sale visit the City of Steinbach website.

Steinbach is the perfect place to develop your business

In the News

Construction Begins at Long Last

Construction has now officially started on the expansion at Rest Haven in Steinbach.


City Council Unanimously Endorses New Events Centre Plan

Steinbach city council has given unanimous support to a proposal for a new $42.5 million arena and events centre downtown.


Council Meeting

Steinbach’s Strong Economy and Economic Diversity

Ed Kolodziej, District Supervisor, Manitoba Tax Assessment, talks about Steinbach’s strong economy and economic diversity at City Council Meeting – June 4, 2019


Big Developments Pour Into Manitoba Cities

Cheaper land and lower business operating costs are fueling increased demand for commercial real estate and new economic opportunities in smaller Manitoba communities outside of Winnipeg.


Self-Financed Steinbach Startup Long Way From Silicon Valley

There are all sorts of ways startups can measure success. The Silicon Valley community will often point to company valuations or how much money they have raised, regardless of the actual financial realities of their operations.


TappCar Considering Expansion Into Steinbach

Several months after launching in Winnipeg, TappCar is looking to make its move to another Manitoba city. The Edmonton-based ride-sharing service has announced plans to expand into Steinbach.